Core Values

  • Excellency – We are committed to exceed our client’s expectations since we know that our performance directly affects their financial bottom line;

  • Clarity – Successful business relationship must be transparent and we will abide by this principle on every single transaction;


  • ​​Longevity – We aim to develop long lasting business relationships and to ultimately be perceived as an extension of our clients’ team. 

About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2008, SOS Universal was launched with an initial focus in the international trade market for heavy equipment. However, occasionally the company would be approached by customers looking for a variety of products none of which would fall into the original category. Coincidently, as the global economy started to show declining growth rates of investments and returns, the company decided to venture into new territories. As a result, we have been growing our database of contacts and continue our ongoing efforts to explore new markets.


Our vision is to create a boundless and gap-free world's marketplace, in which every company has the necessary resources to explore untapped territories.


Our mission is to become the most reliable alternative to satisfy each and every need of our customers, by providing a flexible service that is easily tailored to each specific situation.